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Mineral Rights Taxes

Mineral rights refer to the ownership of the minerals that lie beneath the surface of a piece of land. These rights can be bought and sold, just like any other form of real estate. If you are thinking of selling your mineral rights, it’s important to understand how they will be taxed.

Sale of Mineral Rights Tax Treatment

The sale of mineral rights is taxed at capital gains tax rates. This means that the tax you pay will depend on your tax bracket and how long you have owned the mineral rights. If you have owned the rights for more than a year, they will be taxed at the long-term capital gains rate, which is generally lower than the ordinary income tax rate. If you have owned the rights for less than a year, they will be taxed at the short-term capital gains rate, which is the same as your ordinary income tax rate.

Tax on Sale of Inherited Mineral Rights

If you have inherited mineral rights, the tax liability can be further reduced through a process known as “step-up basis.” This means that the value of the mineral rights is reset to their current market value at the time of inheritance, rather than being based on the original purchase price. This can significantly reduce the amount of capital gains tax you will owe when you sell the rights.

Will I get a 1099?

It’s important to note that you will not receive a 1099 form for the sale of mineral rights. This is because the sale of mineral rights is not considered taxable income. However, you will still need to report the sale on your tax return and pay any applicable capital gains tax.

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